Does Google hate audio?

Maybe Google doesn’t hate audio but I certainly think they skipped it for its love of video.

With all the TV and YouTube channels at our fingertips, we tend to look toward video as the only tool for expression and communication. However, much like a good book, audio allows our students to conjure up imagery from within rather than having it blasted effortlessly into their minds in the form of video.

We can also challenge our students to create new forms of expression by restricting the use of visual elements. When students are asked to create audio works, they are given a chance to develop new ways to communicate effectively.

However, audio support seems to be missing in Google Apps for Education.

You cannot play audio (unless you get help elsewhere) in Google Drive.

no audio in Drive
Google Drive can play video but not audio?


Google Drive knows the audio files are there but it won’t help you search for them.

Drive Search
Drive uses a speaker icon for all audio files but search… hey that’s too much


All our presentations stay silent in Slides (unless you insert a YouTube video)

No Audio in Slides
Imaging if you could add narration to your presentation.


Even when we create webpages, Google Sites goes straight for video and skips audio embedding
(unless you use a custom gadget).

no audio in sites
No audio players in Sites

Now, I know Google has done an awful lot of good. I don’t deny that what we have already is quite impressive. However, before Google moves to the next thing in Google Apps, I think it should turn back and pick up audio.

One thought to “Does Google hate audio?”

  1. I agree that google needs to fix the audio overlook. I recently bought a Chromebook so I could do home work while I’m out of town for a few weeks. Unfortunately when I downloaded the PowerPoint slides for my class lectures I can’t play my professor’s narration so I’m missing out on a lot of important information. Thanks a lot Google for screwing me over.

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