Pokémon Goes to Science Class

Hidden in the details of each Pokémon is a lesson starter on the metric system, estimation, volume, and density.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Download the worksheet and slides to get started.


Here are some new things people sent me after the post that can help us teach with

If 550 Pokecoins cost $4.99, how much real money does incense cost?
If 550 Pokecoins cost $4.99, how much real money does incense cost?

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Don’t blame the free WiFi for your runny nose

Good news everyone! My school just got Wi-Fi throughout the building. However, I think it’s only a matter of time before someone asks, “what’s all that Wi-Fi going to do to our bodies?”

Some people take the question even farther and claim to have electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS. The ‘victims’ of EHS claim to experience all sorts of symptoms from headaches to skin rashes to nausea. However, the connection between the symptoms and the radio waves have been difficult to detect.

…not one of 46 blind and double-blind studies of EHS has identified a credible correlation between the ailments and any radio wave or magnetic field.

Psychiatry researcher James Rubin refers to EHS as a “nocebo effect.” Without evidence, people worry that something new will cause problems and they begin to look for those problems. It’s starting with something to blame and later finding a reason to blame it.

The trouble is that this sort of logic doesn’t require evidence to start pointing fingers in our school. Congested? Blame the new markers. Headache? Maybe its the new volleyballs in gym class.

If we have to blame something that ails us, I say we pick large class sizes. 🙂