10 helpful keys when grading on a laptop

It appears that more and more people are buying laptops over desktop PCs.  With feature-rich laptops selling for less than $500, I can see why. But there is one thing my laptop is missing- the numeric keypad. I didn’t even miss it until I started enter grades one afternoon.

Trying to enter grades on a laptop is a nightmare and it really slows you down. But never fear, there’s always a gadget to the rescue.

Pick up one of these keypads to give your fingers the extra space they need.

Adesso 19-Key Mobile USB Numeric Keypad with Retractable Cable
Go Cheap
(Numeric Keypad with Retractable Cable – $18.99)

Logitech Cordless Number Pad for Notebooks
Go Wireless
(Logitech Cordless Number Pad – $32.30)

USB Wireless Keypad with Track Ball
Go Crazy
(USB Wireless Keypad with Track Ball – $37.00)

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