Organize your Outlook inbox with colors

Like almost everyone these days, I get lots of email. My work inbox is overstuffed with internal memos, notes from parents and spam.

I like to sort my messages by color coding them based on a few parameters. For example, I make all messages that are sent only to me green. Messages from the principal are colored red.

Color your inbox

We have one teacher in my build who is a traveling teacher. She sets her inbox to display messages in the color that represents the school from which they were sent. So all messages from East High are red and all messages from West High are orange.

To set this up in Outlook go to the Tools menu choose Organize and then select the “Using Colors” section, hit the “Turn on” button next to “Show messages sent only to me in Red.”

Below is a step-by-step video to help you get started:

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For more flexibility, click “Automatic Formatting” in the upper right corner.