When you’re teaching, timing is everything

Online StopwatchThere’s a reason sporting events show timers on their scoreboards. When the game is on the line, everyone needs to know how much time is left. With little class time to spare, teachers and students need to keep an eye on the time too.

Whether you’re giving a timed exam or you just need to set some boundaries for your students work in groups, Online-Stopwatch.com provides a timer that can easily be displayed in your classroom.

The site offers a stopwatch and count-down timer. Simply displayed in your browser, the Online Stopwatch has a full screen display for every student to see. It’s like having your own classroom shot clock!

Online-Stopwatch also offers their product in gadget form for your own personal homepage at iGoogle or Microsoft Live. Windows Vista users can get a gadget for the Sidebar.

Can’t always get to the web? They even offer a free stand alone versions for download on Windows and Mac.