Reasons NOT to send that next e-mail

email closedIn an effort to cut back on all the e-mail we receive, Dan Costa at PC Magazine wrote an article listing 29 reasons not to send an e-mail message. This list is funny, yet many of the reasons are painfully true.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • You spent 15 minutes on the e-mail, and the recipients will spend 0.15 seconds before hitting Delete.
  • Everyone got that joke, saw that video, and sent money to that dying kid two years ago.
  • You’re slow. By the time you finish typing your message, one of the 20 other people on the list has already responded and made your response outdated.

Missing from the list was– Today is Friday. I think we should all take a break from e-mail on Fridays. I’m not alone on this.