New look at your files with SpaceMonger

Every few months the IT folks at my school send out a note to all the teachers who are using too much disk space.  I’m never sure what to do when I get this message.  What exactly should I delete?

SpaceMonger is a little piece of software that gives you a quick visual of your disk space.


Each file is a box– the bigger the box, the bigger the file. (The display above is from a drive I use for video editing. Converting those VHS tapes of our wedding to DVD has taken up most of the drive.)

There are two versions of SpaceMonger. The new version can do more, such as display your drive information with graphs and charts. However, it is a trial version; it costs $20 to use it after 30 days.  I’m just using the free version.  It is one little file that can run from a USB flash drive so you can check any computer you want (well any Windows computer, sorry Macs and Linux users).