Color your Website with a Touch of Nature

Recently Steve Dembo (from Teach42) Twittered:

It’s amazing just how much better you feel about a website once the graphic design gets put in.

I can’t agree more. While good content is what keeps your users coming back for more, usability and design are responsible for holding their attention during their first visit.

A site’s color scheme is key to its look and feel. Here is a site that shows how you can get inspiration from nature.

Frog Colors

Beach Colors

There are also several online color scheme tools (like this one) that can help you start designing your next site.

One thought to “Color your Website with a Touch of Nature”

  1. That’s a fantastic site!

    Now if only I had the time to apply that to my own site. So much easier at work when I have graphic designers to call upon 🙂

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