Apple already doesn’t trust me?

Don’t stealToday I opened my first iPod only to be greeted with a sticker across the screen that stated, “Don’t steal music.” What? Talk about killing the mood. Apple, what were you thinking? Does the iPhone have a sticker that reads “Don’t make prank calls” across its screen?

With only a few more weeks before the start of school, this reminds me of that ever so important first day of class.  Since first impressions are important in almost every environment, I like to kick-off the year with an activity. I want to capture the spirit of the course and send the message that my class is about laboratory investigations and working together.

Some teachers choose to take care of the nuts and bolts of their course by passing out forms to be signed, assigning seats and going over those dreaded classroom rules.  Don’t get me wrong, I think clearly stated classroom expectations are important, I just don’t think you should start off with that as your introduction.

I was so surprised to see Apple, who I thought was the master of first impressions, make this mistake.