Play YouTube Videos at School

From time-to-time I find videos online that are perfect for the classroom. At school we can look for online videos via Google Video.

Now that Google purchased YouTube, you can find YouTube videos in Google’s search results. YouTube is another online video website that is becoming more and more mainstream. For example, some of the 2008 presidential hopefuls are using YouTube for major announcements.

Unfortunately, our school district blocks access to YouTube. Perhaps this is the right decision for our students but I have ranted in the past that it is wrong to block teacher access.

So, if you find a YouTube video that you’d like to use in class, here’s a work-around:

  1. Copy the URL displayed in the search results of Google video

    Figure 1

  2. Visit and paste in the YouTube URL
  3. Figure 2

  4. Choose “MOV for Mac” in the drop down (this is the video format that will work at school)
  5. Click Start and Vixy will convert the video for free
  6. When the video is converted, you’ll be prompted to download it

Disclaimer: YouTube has had its share of problems with copyrighted material. Please consider copyright and fair use when using Vixy.