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deliciousWhat is it? is a social bookmarking website — the primary use of is to store your bookmarks online, which allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too.

Big deal. I already have Favorites.

On, you can use tags to organize and remember your bookmarks, which is a much more flexible system than folders.

Tags? I don’t get.

Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your bookmarks on to help you organize and remember them. Tags are a little bit like keywords, but they’re chosen by you, and they do not form a hierarchy. You can assign as many tags to a bookmark as you like and rename or delete the tags later. So, tagging can be a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived categories or folders.

Some neat ways to use tags

Could I use this with students?

Friends, coworkers, and other groups can use a shared account, special tag, or their networks to collect and organize bookmarks that are relevant — and useful — to the entire group.

Let’s say I wanted my students to work together to find information on light bulbs. Each student could tag links with the same tag, let’s say “EHS-lights”.

Now we have a way to share all the links when we visit:

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