What’s so bad about email?

After writing his article, The Good in Email, Isaac Garcia has written a follow-up article— The Bad in Email. The article explains why email is not the best tool for collaboration.

Below are the reasons. Read the full article to see an explanation of each.

  • Email is Silo’ed
  • Email *Perpetuates* Many Walled Gardens
  • Email is NOT Secure (Part 1)
  • Email is NOT Secure (Part 2)
  • Group Email is Really Complicated
  • Email is Not a Document Manager
  • Email Communications Do Not Correspond Priority
  • Email is inconsistent
  • Email is not permission based
  • Spam Filtering is better, but still not good enough
  • Email does not work well for multi-users
  • Email is Prone to Viruses
  • Email makes us lazy